Thursday, July 27, 2006

Xterra Race Night

My family and running friends are heading to Hartford tonight for the xterra trail race series. I am psyched, except that my oldest son is sick and won't be racing :( I am charging up my camera batteries so I can blog some race photos tommorrow.

I just finished James Frey's books - you know the guy that conned Oprah. I LOVED his books, they were well written and creative and I think Oprah made a big deal out of nothing. Tell me what you think if you read them.


susie said...

I did that one last year! It was so much fun!! I didn't pace myself too well, since I didn't know how I would do on the stairs up to the overpass. I started too slowly, but dropped my pace from 12 to 8 once I was on even ground again. And the burgers and beer after? Nothing better :)

Running Rabbit said...

I only got through three fourths of the first one, and made the mistake of wataching Oprah when she had JF on. Only to reveal the endings!!! DAMNIT!! But regardless of the whole was a good book...fiction or non-fiction.