Sunday, July 30, 2006

I need a BREAK!

I am adjusting to my summer career as home party salesperson. I had toy parties on Friday and Saturday and an Arbonne party on Sunday. I am so whipped. I am not used to working on the weekends, the whole fu$%ing weekend. Yuck!

On Friday, I had a small toy party with a nice bunch of women. EXCEPT there was this lesbian there that was so thoroughly threatened by the mini-tongue that it was annoying. I guess that is how men feel when we come home with larger than life, um, tools of the trade! But let me tell you after three kids, I need a little help in the size department! Okay that was probably an over-share! Yeah, just maybe.

Oh also on Friday night's party, the topic of having sex with more than one partner at a time came up. Wouldn't you know the lesbian had had a threesome with two MEN, for pete's sake. Out of the seven of us there, four people had the opportunity of a multiple partner encounter. Not me, of course. I am too afraid about catching some awful disease. Almost every girlfriend I have has herpes and I am not going to catch any herpes from toys, so I think I'll just stick with those, thank you very much.

Another bitch of a thing when it comes to this new weekend business empire is it cuts into my running. I arrived home around 10:45pm on Friday, but I am so worked up from talking about sex all night that well let's just say that Mr. Chocolate had a little fun. Late night that night, couldn't get up to run with the Sat. am group, very sad. The party on Sat. did not get out until 1:00am, yikes! Mr. Chocolate was mad, no fun that night. Way to tired to run Sunday morning. Tomorrow is another day, I'm going to wake up early and enjoy a nice peaceful run while listening to the new Dixie Chicks cd. Yah for me!


Robb said...

I was wondering when the subject would turn to running...and you did it! You rounded the corner.

I live a sheltered life.

runr53 said...

I'm so gonna steal that description of TMI "overshare", my walkers on Sat & Sun will love it as there is frequently a good deal of "overshare" going on, thanks! Run Good!