Saturday, July 29, 2006

Trails, Stairs, Interstates, and Hamburgers!

Here we are at the Xterra Challenge in Hartford, CT. It was a very fun race, you had to be flexible in your running anal retentive mindsets. The distance was fuzzy, always a guess. The course was full of obstacles, like LOTS of stairs and steep rocky inclines. There were no puddles though much to our disappointment, we like to get wet! Out of the five of us that ran, three took home some metal or actually the prizes for this race were bowls of candy! Good thing I didn't win, because I am trying to only eat one junky thing a week to help keep my ass from blowing up like a beach ball!


Robb said...

Looks like your pals are pretty happy that it's over...or it was truly a lot of fun. Great pictures always capture the joy of the day.

Did you set anything up at the expo? Your toys, games, clothes? Ha!!

Have a good weekend.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Stairs? You have stairs in races? That's crazy. I think if I came across stairs it would be very upsetting. If it was near the end, I'm sure I would cry.