Sunday, July 09, 2006

It's A Family Affair

I had the greatest time on Friday night. I know what you are thinking, no not that kinda fun, the wholesome kind of fun! My family and I caravaned to East Hampton, CT for the Glorious Gallop road race. My stepdad, husband, brother in law, two of my sisters and one sister's boyfriend and my son and I all raced in this awesome point to point 5K.

Well, my 13y son and speedy stepdad took off like wild banchees at the start and I never saw them again until I finished. My husband started out way too fast and I passed him at mile one. I was having a great race, I felt so freakin' great and I knew I was running a good race. I purposely did not wear a watch, because I wanted to count on my own body to tell me if I was running a good race. I passed two local running women that are not in my age group, but they usually do beat me at about mile 2. I thought I had buried my sisters and the boyfriend and my brother in law as well. BUT at the last turn at about mile three, my brother in law freakin' passed me. I tried to catch him but I finished four seconds behind him. But I recovered a lot faster so there!

We did bring home some hardware though. My son came in first in his age group with a respectable 21:59 pace for a 5K. I gave my second best 5K performance in my life at 23:35. I was very happy. The finish line ends at a small town carnival with all the junk food one can imagine! I ate a baked potato with broccoli and sour cream. We also ate some cinnamon roasted nuts. They did not have any good chocolate, so I waited till the next day for "Holstein" ice cream from WE-LIK-IT ice cream stand. It is so rich and creamy, I had a stomach ache for the rest of the day, but it is sooooo worth it!


susie said...

Wow, I had no idea you were so fast! Way to go...and fun having the whole family there, too.

Running Chick said...

great race beth! this must be the "up" part of the running-cycle?

Robb said...

This is just what you needed to help pull you out of that grump-slump. That was a quick 5 K...must be your new and improved wholesome family fun lifestyle.

Running Rabbit said...

I need a race with junk food at the end! Good for you!

rice said...

Good run, it sounds like a lot of fun.

Thanks for stopping by. You'll find that Robb is very generous. Although I feel I am in a lot better shape than I use to be in I don’t think of myself as having “big muscles”.

Not sure if you found your way around or not. I do have three blogs.

‘A Cup of Rice’ is more for family events.
‘Riceman to Ironman’ is for running and
‘Life in a Ricepatty’ is my work with depression & Anxiety.



april anne said...

Awesome race!