Monday, July 03, 2006


I was talking with my stepdad last night and we both discovered that we are experiencing the same duldrums about running. I just don't have the umph! to get up and go. When I finally drag my fat ass out of bed to run, then the running is pretty mediocre. I try to remind myself that all things in life have waves or cycles and I am in a downswing for my running.

I am on an upswing with my side businesses though. In addition to adult "toys", I now peddle skin care products for Arbonne International. The two business go hand-in-hand really, people want to look good in order to attract partners for the other business!!!

I did run six miles this hot and steamy morning and I felt pretty good, not great ,but good!


april anne said...

I have the perfect solution—cute new, summer running clothes! Treat yourself to a new look-you deserve it. I hope to join you for a run sometime this summer.

Running Rabbit said...

Hey there! You got out there and ran in this weather. That's something to write home about!

Robb said...

Don't fret about the running downswing. That will work out. Do you need a new goal?

Cheer up my chocolate friend.