Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sept. 4, 2005 The Therapy of Running

I have been thinking about what wonderful therapeutic benefits runnning offers. While reading fellow blogs, I also observe how therapeutic running can be for others as well. I am amazed at how angry I can be about something (usually at my husband, of course) at the beginning of a run and with every pounding of my sole (ha, ha) the madness slowly melts away. If I am running with a group or partner, I can usually come up with a plan as well.

My last long run illustrated the therapy of running perfectly. My partner was rightfully angry at his daughter for a really dumb move on her part. At the beginning of the nine mile run, he was never talking to her again. She was "out of the family forever". By the end of our run, he said maybe he would speak to her in maybe two years or so!! I loved it!! One of the principles I use in my work with my social and emotional challenged students is to teach them that their madness goes away - a concept that has not been taught to them yet. I love the way running helps the "madness go away"!!

I find that partner or group running is far more therapeutic for me than if I am running alone. While running alone, I can find myself obsessing over some issue and returning home even more angry. The plans made on my lone runs can be really stupid ones! Unfortunately for my husband, he has to put up with whatever stupid plan I made!!

Thank you to all of the RBF members who gave me some great advice on my knee pain. I think you were all accurate, because now my whole leg is tender!! I have continued to rest and stretch. That is my new mantra. Oh I still practice yoga everyday too, of course! Well, I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. Can't wait to read about the RBF's experience in New Haven.


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Running Chick said...

Partners simply rock.

Michelle said...

Partners do rock and I can totally relate to "letting go" during a good run long or short. It simply clears the head and I have found that my running partners are always good for providing a different perspective.

CJ said...

You are so spot-on with the therapeutic benefits of running. I find if I can't get out and run I'm going stir crazy and if there is something particularly stressful happening in my life (which there usually is) then a run can make all the difference. That, and yoga - I love my yoga (I'm a recent convert).

CJ said...
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susan said...

I'm still looking for local running partners, but I can't seem to find anyone who wants to run at 6am. You are right--therapeutic for sure.

indigosage66 said...

hi EEElisabeth,
i've been enjoying your blog until...I came upon myself mentioned in it. "rightfully angry", eh!? and just for the record, that "dumb move" could've been handled a lot "smarter". Remember, there's always two sides to every story. Actually, three, one person's side, the other person's side and the truth.