Sunday, September 18, 2005

September 18, 2005

My life is full right now, I don't even know what I am doing from day to day sometimes. Listen to this:
Saturday (my day off mind you)
Wake up 5:00am go food shopping at the 24-hour Stop and Shop (thank god a reasonable store stays open twenty-four hours too, I hate shopping at Wal-Mart. I hate Wal-Mart for the whole evil empire thing and because without fail every time I walk in there for about ten dollars worth of merchandise, I spend $5o, even when I am not with my three begging kids! BUT anyway) Went shopping, couldn't buy anything frozen because I had to leave the groceries in my car while I ran with my "adoptive" father an easy nine miler at 6:00.

6:00-7:30Ran with "dad" a nice, easy, very scenic nine mile run past a bunch of farms in rural CT. He is running for first selectman in our town so I got to hear all the juicy campaign gossip. You would not believe what bizarre things happen in local politics, I can only imagine what happens at the state and federal level! YUCK!

7:30 Stopped to stretch a very tight right hip, yet confirming all the RBFs diagnosis for my knee injury the last couple of weeks. Hip felt better after stretching and coffee!

8:00 Quick shower and breakfast bar. Tried to pick up my house, not much progress made.

9:00-11:00 Coached micro soccer team. Oh my goodness, some "bright" , too competetive soccer hitler suggested we make our micro players, six and seven year olds, play seven player on seven player to get them "Ready" (my ass) for the "next level so we can win some more games when blah, blah, blah". It was chaos. Imagine fourteen players all trying to kick the ball in one big clump. They did learn a little about positioning, but some kids never even touched the ball once, well frankly they were probably saying, " no way, I getting into that mess!" Luckily, reason prevailed and next week we are back to playing three players against three players. It was hot and frustrating, but in the end I think everyone did have fun. We will all have more fun next week though!

11:30 Arrived home to eat lunch and clean the house, remember didn't get much done before. Well at 11:47, we lost power - no vacuuming, no water to wash my disgusting kitchen floor, no water or power to wash 14 or so loads of laundry, no nothing.

12:00-2:00 Sat around looking at eachother, wondering what to do next. Yelled at kids for opening the refrigerator door, obssessed about when the hell I would get those 14 loads of laundry done, obsessed about the porto-potty smell that was attacking my bathrooms, kept flipping light switches because I would forget. It is amazing how much we need electricity.

2:00-9:00 Attended jack and jill party. Fun, good food and was hot enough to swim in the nice pool that was still open. Had to drag very plastered husband home after too many games of beer pong. How old do you have to be in order to be considered pathetic that your wife has to lug you home from beer pong? This is the question!!?? Obviously, my husband and I don't agree on what age one must stay away from the beer pong table. Help me out here my running buddies, tell me what you think.

9:00-9:30 Put my very tired, sweet children to bed. Just hoping my husband was passed out, I mean asleep upstairs, so I can read my book in peace!

9:30-10:00 Whew, he's snoring. Read a couple chapters of Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane. Excellent book, highly reccommend any of his books.

Now listen to what's in store for today:
6:30 missed my running buddies, not sure what to do. I guess I'll run later today.

6:45 went downstairs to do one of those 14 loads of laundry from yesterday to find I flippin' left the washer door open. Now I have 14 1/2 loads to do!! Started blogging to get away from it all.

7:50 finished my post

Left to do:
14 loads of laundry
all the housekeeping
church from 9:30-11:30
softball game at 12:15 (my first game in like ten years, so I am little nervous)
son's soccer game at 3:00, I 'll try to run an easy three while my son's team warms up
5:00 come home and crash!!!!

See you soon, remember I want your feedback about beer pong age appropriateness!!


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Beer pong? What the heck is beer pong?! If its a drinking game, then that all stops when you leave college. There's no reason you need to occupy your time with drinking games once you have left college and grown up. And if your wife has to drag you away from the drinking game? Then you are seriously stuck with Peter Pan syndrome.

And isn't it crazy when the power goes out? We become totally mindless and can't think of a thing to do. I was going nuts during the big blackout a few years ago. Now I have a generator and that will guarantee that we will never lose power again (like bringing an umbrella so it won't rain). Nothing like a $5000 purchase that sits in the backyard for nothing.

Rae said...

You know, I don't know what beer pong is either?!? Is it like ping pong and if you miss you have to take a shot? I say 30 is the major breaking point for stuff like that, but there needs to be a taper down from 27-30. Happy running!

BigRedYamaha said...

My husband says that once we have kids he thinks we should stop drinking all together. His parent never drank as far as he can remember and it made he and his brothers very reponsible with alcohol as adults. A couple of beers on a Friday night is one thing. Beer pong, that might be too much. Maybe the most important question here is: Did the kids see him in this state? And what does that say to them? But I don't want to be too hard on him. I'm sure he is a great Dad. Thanks for posting on my blog.

april anne said...

What a crazy weekend. What happened to relaxing? :)

Michelle said...

Glad I missed the party. I'm not sure when those guys are going to realize that they have grown up. Oh and by the way you finished your run before I even woke up!

susie said...

Beer pong stops at 23. or 22. or 24. But surely 25. I was exhausted just reading about your day. I'm amazed you didn't collapse somewhere.

David said...

Beer ponging stops when you realize you've made a fool of yourself in front of people who are important to you. Pick your friends wisely.
That sure was a wall to wall weekend that had its share of challenges. Power outages suck. What can you do?
At least you run through it to equalize; and read a good book. Set the good example and others will follow and respect you.

Jank said...

I'm completely jealous of the mini soccer - My oldest is in Kindergarden, and did t-ball this spring. Especially cool, but I'm so looking forward to the soccer scrum, kiddo style.

Beer pong is appropriate at any age, provided you're on a different continent from most people you know...

CJ said...

I'm not sure what beer pong is so might stay outof that debate! Not much fun though when hubby gets plastered. Your weekend sounded awful - I hope your weeks improves. Have a great run followed by good coffee, then kick back with a good book and chocolate.