Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sept. 11, 2005 On The Mend

Well, I have listened to all the good advice from my RBF friends and stayed off my knee for awhile. I am happy to say my knee is pretty much better. I continue to stretch and make sure I listen to the tweaks and twinges a little closer. I have decided to let go of my marathon training until I feel completely healed. It is funny, I feel a lot better, but my knee feels tentative and weak at times. I believe that if I continued to run long miles I would regret it. Today I ran seven easy miles and I felt good but not perfect. Why do you think trail running bothers my joints more, I thought trail running was supposed to be easier on your knees?

Another seasonal obsession I have is collecting little critters for my class to observe for a short period. We always let them go before they die as long as they don't escape before we get a chance to let them go. I am sad to report I found a very dried up frog in my bookshelf this August that escaped last May. YUCK! Currently, I am searching high and low (mostly low) for a monarch butterfly caterpillar to have my students watch it metamorph(sp?grammar?). My running partners know that at any moment I may dart off into some hopfully friendly farmer's field furiously searching the underbody of the milkweed plants!! I have not been able to locate any yet. There are caterpillar dealers that sell these little green guys, but it so much more fun when you can find them "in the wild"!!

Well, time to go pick apples, a New England must-do in the autumn. Have to run a few extra miles to work off the apple pie. Yes, I do enjoy other treats beside chocolate. Not anywhere near as much though! Chocolate rules, of course!


Michelle said...

Maggie just learned all about the chrysallis and let their butterflies go last week. preschool rules! Glad your knee is better- Boo on the marathon.

CJ said...

You're absolutely right - chocolate rules! But like you, I do enjoy other foods as well, and apple pie would have to be one of them! Hope your knee keeps improving.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Oh, yes, ditto on the chocolate ruling part. Glad to hear your knee if feeling better, although dropping training does indeed suck. But if it means you will heal and run again, then its worth it.

And thankyou so much for making me think of being back in New England now that I'm back at work again. Yuck.

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear that you're postponing the training...but, it's much better to be safe than sorry! And warm apple pie sounds delish :-)

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