Wednesday, August 31, 2005

August 31, 2005 OUCH! My knee hurts!

On one of my long runs, my knee started feeling twingy (made up running word?!?). I was running downhill after about twelve miles and boy, I just did not like how my right knee felt. It was still tender afterwards, but I did not really think about it. Then I noticed it was feeling weak, but being the running addict that I am, I continued to run on it. Then I did a few more uneventful long runs, a trail run and a hilly race. I think the trail run sorta tweaked it and the race did me in!! Even my injured twelve-year-old son beat me in the race!! He is a good runner, but come on, I am still taller and I thought I was healthier. Maybe he is healing!! So now my knee hurts when I am going downstairs and I have taken a break from running for three days. I have to say the break has helped it feel a lot better, but I am scared to continue marathon training. Has anyone experienced the downhill knee pain before and what has helped you to heal?

I have started school, I am a teacher, so my blogging time will be limited unless I blog during my lunch hour like everyone else in the world. Yet anyone who teaches young children knows your lunch hour is more like a five minute pee break and maybe you can catch your breath. Occasionnally, I might have the extra ten minutes of time to enjoy a reese's peanutbutter cup or a bag of m&m's (my drug of choice) while my assistant teacher puff on her cigs. But I do enjoy reading and communicating with other obsessed runners, so I plan on posting at least once per week.

All for now!!


Michelle said...

Knock on wood, I haven't had any running injuries so I don't have any advice for you. Are you doing New Haven?

CJ said...

I have experienced downhill knee pain and for me it turned out to be my ITB rather than knee problems. Anyway, hope it gets better soon and you can get back into marathon training. By the way, I like your drug of choice - mine is coffee and chocolate!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Ditto on the ITB. I had the exact same experience training for Chicago and it took me out of commission. Trail running with the sharp downhills brings it on again if I'm not careful.

The pain was on the outside of my knee and was very sharp (like when you hit your knee on the edge of a desk). Do NOT run on it! It makes it alot worse. You are "twanging" a tendon against the knee joint and that is causing the pain.

I bought the Cho-Pat strap (straps above the knee) and started out running again very short distances. The strap will help you run farther before the pain starts again. But stop as soon as it starts to hurt. You should be able to build your mileage back up again slowly as the tendon heals, and eventually you can leave the strap at home.

The other part was to build my hip abductors, as that was the muscle group that was weakening and allowed the injury to happen. You need to build the strength in you tensor facia latae (sp?) and you gluteus medius.

Lastly, you'll need to improve the flexibility in your ITB, so I would find some good stretches for your ITB and do those daily if there is no pain.

Whew! Sorry for the long comment. I hope your knee clears up quickly!

Rae said...

My husband has had the exact same injury and jon's diagnosis is exactly what his doctor told him. He does stretching exercises every night to strengthen those hip/butt muscles and he's recovering VERY quickly!

BigRedYamaha said...

Stretch your hips with IT Band Stretches. It is all in your hips, you knee is just a symptom. Trust me. You will feel immediate results with stretching as long as you haven't already seriously injured yourself.

Anonymous said...

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