Thursday, August 18, 2005

August 18, 2005 Entertaining another marathon?!?

Yes, I am actually thinking of running the Clarence deMar marathon in New Hampshire. I felt so good after the Johnny Kelly 12-miler that I thought well maybe I have another marathon in me. My last marathon was the Vermont City Marathon in 2003 and it was great. The next year I hurt my hip skiing and had to lay off the long runs. I decided the half-marathon and ten-milers were the longest races for me. They were actually quite effortless and fun. Plus, I got to the food and post-race party before all the marathoners!! I didn't have to worry about bruised up feet, intense chafing and extreme fatigue with the shorter distances. Yet in the back of my mind, I had this nagging going on.

I had set a goal for myself way back in 2001 at the time of my first marathon, Hartford. That goal was to run a marathon in every New England state. I have New Hampshire and Mass. to go. I am, of course, saving Boston for my last marathon. I will never qualify time-wise, but I planned on raising the donation for entry when my body felt ready. To tell the truth, my body has recovered from all injuries, it is the mental preparedness I felt I lacked to push and complete another marathon. So, I decided I would sign up for the deMar marathon if I could run a 15 mile long run on the past very hot, very very humid Saturday morning successfully. And I DID it!!! So on with my training!! This weekend I plan to log a 17 miler and I just hope it is not as humid as last week.

I had a similar experience as Dianna, the running chick, regarding sweat. I was running down Main St. towards my end of my run at about 8:00am and was receiving many peculiar looks from morning risers getting their papers or coffee. Let's just say, I looked like I needed a convenient potty break. I was searching for any sprinklers or pool to jump in. On Saturday, I have to plan my long run to end at a swimming hole. There is nothing like jumping in to a cool refreshing pond or lake after working your body that hard. It makes for an interesting ride home though - very, very soggy shorts!!


Michelle said...

You Go Girl!!

Christy said...

Anybody who says a half marathon is 'effortless' is my hero!

Run on, girlfriend!