Friday, August 05, 2005

Back for more August 7, 2005

Johnny Kelly update:
I don't know what math I was doing when I thought I could run 12 miles in 95 minutes! I did have a really good time(experience) running the John Kelly though. As far as my actual running time, I improved my last year's time by one minute. It was very hot and lots of traffic, I don't remember the traffic being so bad in years past. I ran with a great friend for the first nine miles, then had a great kick for the last three. Upon finishing, I took a freezing cold dip in the Connecticut Sound and I felt awesome. I think the cold salt water helped with the few spots of chafing. I developed a blister too, which really sucked. I am sore today, but after an easy five miles today, I feel okay.

Another great feature of this race is the party. They provide clams on the half-shell and clam chowder for post-race food. They also provide soda, which I hardly every drink, but it tastes really good after running that far in the sweltering heat.


Michelle said...

Good for you Beth!! And welcome to the world of Blogging!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Hmmmmm. There's just something so very inviting about this blog. Can't quite place it. Oh, yes, you said chocolate. :)

Sounds like a great race, especially the after-race snacks (my favorite part).

4 marathons? Wow! It must be kinda odd to be running a half marathon after all that. It must seem like its over so quickly!

Any chance you'll be running in the New Haven Road Race?