Friday, August 24, 2007

Wicked Sad

Today I brought my oldest son to his first day of HIGH SCHOOL! How did this happen? When did he grow up? I felt soooooo alone bringing him today. I miss his dad beyond belief. He would have been so excited and happy for him. He had a devotion to his children that I rarely see in fathers and I miss that so bad.

It has been eight years since he died and time really does help, but grief pops it head up at transitions like these. I am probably even more emotional since I am also dealing with such shit from the current husband.

I think I'll treat myself to a brownie sundae tonight. I swam a very tough swim this morning with very windy currents and it will be good to drown myself in chocolate.


Wes said...

Life has a way of being unrelentingly cruel sometimes. It does just keep moving forward though, and so should we. Enjoy that sundae. FYI: I made brownies with ice cream and Hershey's chocolate for me last night. Yummy :-)

Juls said...

Sadness and happiness at the same time. Hugs for you.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

First, I'm not sure how you have a child in high school, with you being only 25 yourself.

Second, eight years is not a long time and milestones make it seem even shorter. *Big hug*

robtherunner said...

Sorry to hear about your personal struggles. My prayers are with you. Be strong and take care of yourself.