Sunday, August 05, 2007

John Kelley Road Race Report

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny 88' in New London, CT and it was a great day for a race, well if you like racing in the heat. My sister, her friend and my youngest son and I left the house at 7am to make the half hour drive to New London Ocean Beach Park. With our free race entry, we also got into the park free - caching, save $15 parking fee, baby.

I got there and set the kids up on the beach and then proceeded to obsess over what to wear running. It was a scorcher so I opted for the sports bra and shorts as did many women, but depending on my mood I am shy about showing so much skin. Especially since I was running the race with Chris, at and I didn't want to A. make him throw up at the sight of my white belly or B. distract him with A-cups LOL!! I decided that keeping cool was more important than vanity and I am glad that I did because at one point when we were running through a heavily traveled part of the town, my body felt like it was about 116' degrees. I am not kidding, at least 116'.

Chris and I started the race thinking that this was a training run, we both have longer race distance goals for the Fall. We wanted to get in 15 miles for the day so we said lets keep between a 9:30 - 9:45 pace for the race portion so we could add some more on the end of the race. After mile one, Chris told me we were a minute off on our pace and I assumed we were going too slowly!! He said we were at a 8:15 pace, so we brought it down a notch to about 8:40s. We both felt great, I don't remember anyone passing up and we were passing people left and right.

At about mile four, Chris tells me to walk through the waterstop. I figured just while I was drinking water, right. Nope, he told me to trust him and do what he said. So every three miles after that, we stopped and walked for a tenth of a mile. I was amazed at how that strategy worked for me. Walking for that short time gave my body the rest it needed to refuel and get ready for the next burst. I basically never pooped out, I had to dig in the last two miles to complete my goal, which was beating this young 30s woman that beats me ALL the time. She passed me at mile nine and said what good pace runners we were. I kept her in my sights until mile 11 and then I was able to push ahead. I never looked back and was scared to death she was right behind me and lo and behold she WAS!! I saw her time and she finished .2 of a second after me!! BUT I still beat her, baby.

Chris uses a garmin and now that I have run with him a few times, I am hooked. I have to get one. I think it would help my training so much. My time was 1:39 for 11.6 miles, we held a 8:35 pace pretty easily. I won third in my age group, which is even more impressive due to the overall women winner was in my age group too. Both these women make turning 40 next year a little easier! Our next run is the New Haven Road Race, I will have to get my own garmin by then, because I think my new partner will leave me in the dust. He had more reserves after mile 9 than I did. I think I have to refuel with some gu at about mile 7 or 8, because I always fade at mile 9.

A great day for a great race for some great racers!!

The tri photos are in and every time I look at them I get psyched! Go check them out - !


Michelle said...

You are so speedy!!! Good for you! I'm jealous...

Wes said...

Nice run! I luv your "pace", and your tri pictures look great! Congratulations on finishing ahead of "that" girl :-)

Tom said...

Great race and summary. I'm glad you mentioned the walking as a strategy. Isn't it amazing how that works and makes you capable of running better. Congrats on your finish!

katowens said...

you definitely should get a garmin. I love mine

robtherunner said...

Great job on the race and staying in front of the other gal that was pacing off of you. Nice photos from the tri!