Thursday, August 09, 2007

God Bless Commuters

Yesterday I picked up my children from LaGuardia Airport in NYC. The trip should take about 2:45 hours, not yesterday. NYC saw a tornado and it backed up all the transit systems so more people tried to drive to work. The trip took me over 4 hours. The boys flight was delayed and the airport was packed. The trip home was only a little better. I did stop for an ice cream sundae, that made the trip better for sure.

Today I am nursing a sore back, how do truck drivers sit in their trucks all day? There is NO way I could ever be a truck driver, that is for sure. Hopefully a little run will help loosen everything up later.

Run hard.


Juls said...

Okay. You "run hard" too.

Robb said...

I'd like to be a trucker. Giddy-up.