Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blessed Be

Thank you, thank you, thank you

I am blessed with cool blogger friends that make me laugh and feel supported.

I am blessed with friends that offer me a place to stay with my three wild boys...oops I have to make sure my dog can come too! They tell me good things about myself and eventually I will believe them!

I am blessed because I have sweet friends that text me encouraging kind words.

I am blessed to have a family that offers me financial support, kind words, dinners, and will go to stupid meetings with me.

I am blessed to have the most fun and rewarding job in the world and they pay just enough to pay my bills and get a massage once in a while!!

I am blessed to have a strong body that I am able to push to the limit and it always keeps working.

I am blessed to have the sweetest dog in the world, she follows me everywhere I go in my house and is licking my leg right now (I am still sweaty from my bikeride, but hey its the most action I've had in a long time!) She barks at everybody that comes to my house and makes me feel safe.

I am blessed that I have faith that somehow I will survive and come from this abusive situation a stronger woman.


Wes said...

And we are all blessed too :-) Thanks, girl!!

Rice said...

thats so awesome to be able to see the good out there.. So many people never notice how green everything is because they can not stop complaining about the rain..