Sunday, December 10, 2006

Running Wild

I had an incredibly busy weekend. I had two Athena's parties, one was in Boston, which is two hours a way and the next night was only in Manchester, CT, about a half/hour away. They were fun, but pretty low in sales. But now it is Sunday and I am exhausted and have to still clean my car out, because it is DISGUSTING!!!!

Oh yeah I have to plan for the week of preschool as well. The kids behave at this time of year though, hoping for the last minute good impression on Santa!!

I missed my group run Sat. am, and was really bummed. BUT our club has the CAN RUN on Tues night. We all meet at our local soup kitchen and bring donations and then we run together checking out the Christmas lights displays and then we have our annual planning meeting. I won't be able to attend the meeting portion, because #2 has a school concert.

We have a busy week:
Monday: cub scouts
Tuesday: can run and concert
Wednesday: basketball practice
Thursday: Scouts holiday party
Friday: Church stuff

Holy crap, when will I be able to run!? Luckily none of those things take place at 5:30 am when I go running.

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Wes said...

Yes, lucky for you! 5:30 AM in the morning just doesn't work for me :-)