Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Oh I must have been a good girl!

Yah for me, my husband bought me a racing bike for Christmas! I will post a photo when I actually pick the bike up on Thursday. I was running yesterday and started to panic because now my name really should be run, bike and swim for chocolate, actually I should probably throw in something about yoga for chocolate as well!!! BUT I resolved my angst by telling myself that running is my favorite activity, although as I sit here writing, I don't know if that is entirely true anymore. I freakin' LOVE swimming in the ocean, because I really should be a mermaid, I love the ocean so much. Hmmmm, I may have to think about this a little longer, a new name may be in order.

One thing I do need to change over to is a tri-training log rather than a running log. I don't log as many miles running now, since I am swimming more. And now I am going to be biking too, so I want my exercise log to be reflective of the activity I am doing. Do they even sell tri-training logs, I am sure they must, I will have to check that out after this entry.

Oh well can't wait, see you later!


Janice said...

Congrats on the new bike! Yes, they do sell tri training logs.

Wes said...

Yay! Bikes seem to be going around this year! Very cool. We need a name and a picture. We cant wait!!