Friday, April 07, 2006

Time change adjustment overload!

I have not been able to adjust to the dark mornings yet, which really sucks when you are a morning runner. I did become a psuedo-afternoon runner this winter because I felt like I needed to be in the sunlight to overcome the winter blues and it did work as a matter of fact. This winter flew by for me. All that being said, I do prefer running in the morning. I feel like I am beating everyone to the punch, I come home and I am one up on my kids ready to handle whatever fashion disasters or breakfast catastrophes. I also feel relieved to have the obligatory exercise out of the way and can relax for the rest of the day.

But I can not freakin' wake up now that it is dark again at 5:00am!!! It sucks! This week I only ran Wed. and Thurs., that's it. I feel so guilty and flabby. I don't get that, how can I feel flabby when I know my body hasn't changed. It is amazing what the brain can do to our emotional state. So tomorrow is another day, I am getting up to run with my running buddies at 6:30. The only thing is I think it going to rain. Oh well, some days you can't win.


Mia Goddess said...

ah, as an "evening runner", I am having the exact opposite experience. I know it's just an hour, but no joke it's suddenly light until almost 8 o'clock. And, I just went back and edited out all my exclamation points. It's so exciting to *me*, but I just realized it may be too insensitive to be all pointy about it when you were just complaining about the dark mornings. :)

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

I'm with Mia. Sorry I've never been a morning runner. I know since races are in early am, I should adjust but my body just says no we ain't getting up that early.

Robb said...

I love to run in the early morning and feel the exact same way you do about getting a jump on the day! I'm glad that it's still dark at 5:00 am...and find it odd to run in the daylight hours.

You'll come around...hopefully your running buddies will help stir you up.