Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Obsessive Countdown to Boston

I have checked weather.com everyday twice to see what weather conditions await for me on Patriots Day in Boston! I am very nervous about what to wear. Of course, I bought a new pair of compression shorts just for the occasion (can't have any chubby rub). I am wearing them right now as amatter of fact! Now I have to decide what top to wear. I am not sure if I should go with a tank top or t-shirt. So far the forecast is calling for partly sunny and 50', really ideal racing weather. I just hate being cold and I plan on being out there for at least four and half-ish hours, so I could get cold with only a tank-top on. But I really like how tank-tops look and feel, less restrictive. I definitely have sensory issues, anyone out there reading this with a child with autism knows what I mean. I hate feeling uncomfortable at all. I would run in my pajamas if I could, and let's not even mention tags on the clothing or I might flip out right now!
Well, gotta go check weather.com before bed just one last time!


Robb said...

Don't you have something to wear from one of those spirited parties? This is just me thinking...(sorry for that humming sound), but I think I would wear something that I could peel and discard - that is, if I got too hot. Best not to have too many choices I guess.

I'll be thinking of you on race day. Most of all, I hope you enjoy the run - have fun!

Michelle said...

i will most likely be around mile 7 so you could pass something off if you need to! where a long sleeve comfy old race shirt over your tank that way you could toss it earlier if you get hot or uncomfortable.