Friday, April 14, 2006

Feeling Groovy

I am feeling better. I think maybe I was having allergies or stress-related symptoms. Last night I worked an awesome Athena's party for a bunch of adorable college girls. They were so cute, they hung on my every word about all the different ways to feel groovy ;)!! The party was not a huge money maker, but $175 dollars in my pocket for three hours of talking about sex with very curious young women is nothing to shake a stick at! I was very nervous about this party because at 37 years old, I felt ancient and wasn't sure I would be able to talk their "language". It was awesome, they were so into learning about new things and treated me like a big sister rather than their possible mother. I have another huge party scheduled for next Friday, hopefully I'll be able to walk by then, only four days after the marathon and all!

Oh yeah the marathon! That's right, I almost forgot about the marathon, yeah right?! I am TOTALLY PSYCHED!!!! I will post as soon as possible. I am no perfect poster like The Running Chicks, but I will give you an overview. I am so amazed how they can break down a race mile for mile. I guess I am more of the big picture type of gal! I do like things big, you know :)!


Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Get some butt shots for me, Have a great time.

Robb said...

You should definetly change the title of this blog to Running Sex Goddess...and, I'm with Dawn with the photos idea...lots of them works for me.

Oh,and by the way, good luck with Boston! Looking forward to reading all about it.