Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Running Goddess Countdown to BOSTON!

Today my family and I volunteered at our local Easter Road Race. It was so fun. I recommend volunteering at a race to everyone that runs. It is a wonderful experience to support the race directors and runners. Runners always amaze me. They come in all different shapes and sizes. There is no better way to observe this variety than to volunteer. My step-dad (who is running Boston on Monday and he qualified the old-fashioned way:)) , my youngest and oldest sons and I manned the water stop. This is no easy task, there was a lot of water spillage! I got so intimated about handing out water, I decided to stick to collecting the garbage!

Two more days till Boston! As I was lamenting aloud today, my oldest and wise-beyond-his-years son told me to stop worrying about my performance and time. He shouted that I am about to participate in one the world's most prestigous sporting events and that I should shut up and ENJOY it! I was stunned to silence and humbled to say something like, "Holy shit, you're right, I have to get out there run and have fun." Then I thanked him and have tried to remember that every time I am computing my mile splits in my head!


CJ said...

Good luck!! Have a great race - enjy the experience! One day I hope to run that event!

april anne said...

Best of luck. I'm looking forward to your race report.