Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Been Sooooooo Busy

I have been so busy, I may decide not to use punctuation for this entry! I ran in a Thanksgiving race with my sisiter, father and future brother-in-law. It was POURING!!! I was fine until I stpopped running, then I was freezing. I had a good time and a good running time too!

Running a Santa's Run this Sunday, let you know how that goes. Hosting a runner's breakfast Sat. am also. Selling sex toys on Friday night. I don't know how I am going to get it all done. Oh yeah my three boys have basketball games on Sat. and our local high school is in the state finals on Sat. and I HAVE to go. I love watching kids play sports, it is the way it is supposed to be, with all those mistakes and then every so often a great play.

See you!

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Wes said...

Have fun in your race!