Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ouch, those darn leaves!

Yesterday while running I missed a lip in the sidewalk and fell flat on my face. Luckily I was entering a footbridge and I don't think I was seen!! It is so funny what goes through your mind right before you fall. You have about one second to know that you are going down and there ain't nothing you are going to do about it. The words "oh shit" are all that come to mind. My legs were pretty sore after I fell, but I was more worried about my mp3 player. It got a little banged up, but it still works fine. My shirt ripped on my elbow too, but I can live with that too, I guess.

No running today, too rainy and my little son was home throwing up all day. YUCK! I'll be out there tomorrow though very carefully looking for little lips in the sidewalk under the leaves!


Wes said...

Ouch! What a pain! Glad you are OK. Send me that email address.

Running Chick said...

ooowwwiiieee. stupid leaves.

hope you will be healed enough to do trails on sat. morning!!

CJ said...

Ouch! reminds me of my fall on the concrete earlier this year - I am still bearing the scars of that fall. And you're right - you know you're falling and there's absolutely nothing you can do. Fortunately my ipod escaped any damage - my knees, elbows and hands weren't so lucky!

robtherunner said...

I hope your wounds heal quickly.