Monday, October 10, 2005

October 10, 2005 Getting Your Groove On

I am now training for the Mystic Marathon Ten Mile Race which will be held on October 23, 2005. I am recovering nicely from whatever was going on with my right leg, the pain travels from behind my knee up to the outer hip and sometimes the front hip flexor. But whatever injury it is; rest, stretching and taking a break from racing has helped a lot.

Since I haven't put in a ten miler in about a month, I was nervous to go out and run a tempo long run to get ready for this next race. But once I got out there this morning, I felt flippin' sweet! I don't know if it was because this morning it finally stopped pouring rain, so mentally I was just happy to be outside without be drenched or what. This weekend I unfortunately had to miss the Hartford Half Marathon due to a totally cool wedding in Boston, but I did get in six miler before the wedding in the typhoon conditions. The whole run I was thanking my lucky stars I had to go the wedding rather than running a half marathon in that mess.

But running in the rain is one thing, it's actually kinda fun. Let me tell you about being a soccer mom though. Sitting in the pouring rain watching your kids play soccer gets old pretty fast and of course our town hosts this huge tournament this weekend with hundreds of teams. The whole town is taken over by minivans and on a rainy Columbus day weekend every restaurant and store is filled with dirty, I mean dirty, little soccer players. When you are a kid, the dirtier you get, the better you must have played.

But let's get back to my totally sweet run this morning. I slept like crap because I am either getting a cold or suffering from my allergies, either way I can't sleep because I can't breathe. So it was easy to wake up and run at 5:00 because I wasn't sleeping anyway. I chose to run alone today because I wanted to push myself and really get the pace I want to run the race integrated in my body and groove. It was so easy and effortless and felt so good I swore I was never going to run with a partner ever again. That idea won't last long because I save myself millions of dollars every year in therapy bills due to running with my friends and venting about well, of course, my husband mostly. (We do talk about other things though!) Eight miles flew, I mean flew by. My body was just a machine, running its most comfortable "fast" pace with no pain anywhere. I was soooo happy.
Let's just leave it at that.


Michelle said...

Good for you Beth. I am also going to do the Mystic 10 miler as long as John is not home or scheduled to come home that day. So I'm playing it by ear and will sign up that day.

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susie said...

Hmmm, your pain sounds like my ITB. You are right--the rest helps! Good luck in Mystic, one of my favorite places.

Rae said...

That's awesome! There's nothing like a great run to put you in high spirits!