Sunday, October 16, 2005

October 16, 2005 To MP3 or Not To MP3?

I have been dealing with a dilemma for awhile now. I must confess to my fellow running enthusiasts. I have been running with a musical device. There I said it, I mean wrote it. Last summer, I bought a middle of the road MP3 player after having music envy of my son's expensive IPOD. (he received the IPOD from my parents as a gift, I couldn't afford to get a 12 year kid a 300.00 toy) I flippin' love running with my MP3 player. I must confess to feeling overwhelming guilt while I use it though. All I can hear in my brain is all those disclaimers about the dangers of running under distraction. I swear I make sure I can hear cars and dogs, but I have been getting spooked by all the boogie man noises that happen at 5:30 in the morning now that it is pitch black.

My favorite music to listen to is the Dixie Chicks Live album. I love the cheering in the background, I imagine it's for me while I am finishing the Boston Marathon. I also love listening to Bonnie Raitt Road Tested. I have a variety of softer stuff from the 50s for when I am tired and just want to veg out and jog. It also has a radio option if I want to hear the news. So now it's out, my dirty little secret. I hope you all can forgive me and still read my blog.

I getting psyched for the Mystic Ten Miler. I haven't raced since August 5th. I am chopping at the bit to get back in there. I hope to finish the race under 90 minutes. I have been able to do that the past two years. I should be able to do again this year. Usually it is rainy and windy for this race, hopefully we got the rain out of the way this past week. Today was the first dry day in nine days!!! I was so depressed from the rain, I could never live in Seattle or London. I hope it is a nicer day this year for the race, so we can play a little on the beach after the race. Well, have a great week everyone!


CJ said...

I run with a mini ipod and i love it. My family bought it for me for my birthday back in March and I've run with it ever since, except when I'm running with other people. I have downloaded songs with a fast beat to run to, slow songs just make me run s-l-o-w. I think i have a couple of Dixie Chicks songs on my playlist.

Gronk said...

i don't run with the ipod as I've always worried about getting hit by a car. Look both ways RFC ! :)

go girl said...

I used to always run with my Mp3. Now I just use it on recovery runs or when I'm feeling a bit sad. I prefer to take in the sounds of my surroundings and skip to the beat of my panting breath.

Kiran said...

Hi, found you when Jon (chocolate runner) mentioned you on his blog. I run with a Shuffle or FM walkman all the time set low enough to hear traffic. I am fortunate to live in more rural suburbs so I don't hardly have any traffic early in the AM :)

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