Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pre Surgery Jitters

It has been awhile since I posted and A LOT has happened! After celebrating with Dianna (the girl with orange hat) and Amanda at a friend's 40th birthday, I decided to really figure out what the heck is wrong with my hip. I have had pain in both hips while running for the last five years.I always thought I had tight illiopsoas tendons. I would rest or get massage or go to extra yoga classes and would always be able to recover. Then this past fall, I tried all my tricks and nothing worked. I knew I needed help.

My first stop was to a chiropractor, Dr. Giacolone, recommended by both Dianna and Amanda. He was fabulous and started performing active release technique on my right hip. After three weeks of  treatment, I saw no improvement at all. He suggested I delve deeper and make an appointment with an orthopaedic sports surgeon. After hearing my story, Lance Morgan, PA ordered a hip anthrography MRI.

I went to Open MRI in South Windsor. They were great. A doctor takes an xray of the hip joint, then he places a needle into the joint and shoots dye into the joint. I got to watch the entire procedure, it was so cool! Then I was wheeled into the imaging room and spent the next 45 minutes hearing techno music sounds LOL.

At my follow up appointment with Morgan, he confirms that I have a labral tear in my right hip. The more disturbing news though was that I had a cyst on my left ovary and he told me to make an appointment with my OBGYN as soon as possible. I was SCARED! After a few appointments and ultrasounds, the obgyn doctors said I am fine. PHEW!

So then Morgan tells me the options I have to fix my tear...open surgery or arthoscopic. He said arthoscopic surgery is tough on the hip though and tells me to be choosy and make sure whichever doctor I go with understands that I want the labrum repaired not removed. Then he sends me on my way...he was such a sweet P.A. He made an appointment with his colleague on his cell phone for me for the very next day!

Part 2 of this story will follow...on to the gym with my Travis!

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