Friday, March 29, 2013

I am falling apart!

So back to ovarian cyst drama...back in March my obgyn told me stop worrying, it is nothing, our bodies make these things all the time. BUT as a precaution, I should come back to make sure it is gone in a month. That appointment was yesterday...well that dang cyst is PERSISTENT! It is still hanging out in my ovary. I spoke with the doctor today and he said go ahead with hip labral tear repair and we'll check on this stubborn little cyst next month.

Ok on to the search for a solution to my hip pain...I started with a doctor that performs open surgery to repair labral tears. It would involve a 9' scar (right through my runner-girl tattoo, kinda ironic, right?) drilling through my ball of my hip to reach the labrum. He suggested I get some other opinions from doctors that perform this surgery arthroscopically.

Next stop, Dr Lena in Glastonbury. Very nice but suggested I wait for my tear to heal on it's own. He said we take longer to heal as we get older. I almost scratched his eyes out after that comment. LOL I know my hip pain. I have dealt with it for 5 years or so. I know it is beyond my control now. I haven't run or play pain-free since September.

So needless to say I kept searching for answers.

That brought me to the super surgeon of the stars, Dr. Michael Joyce. I love him :) He told me I had a tear that needed repair and he could do it. Then he went on to say the surgery would be easy to perform since I was young and slender. I think I scared him when I almost kissed and thanked him for that lovely comment. He quickly said well I mean you are going to be a lot easier to operate on than a football player. Cmon, Dr Joyce just go with the young and slender theme HEEE HEEE!

So I have a date for the repair on April 4! I am scared! Like wicked scared. But I know in my bones (Lol) that I won't get better without surgical help. I will be back to chronicle my experience...promise!

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