Saturday, September 15, 2012

Triathlete Data Team :)

Anyone in education right now knows that the new trend is to analyze our student data to help improve instruction (a model adapted from the medical field). After yesterday's triathlon, I decided to conduct my own data driven decision making meeting on my performance...LOL. Let me preface this ridiculous analysis with the statement that I had a totally awesome experience on Sunday and enjoyed myself thoroughly. I loved the race experience(very organized and lots of support) as well as the time with my sweet athletic friends. I just had a blast!

Here is that data:
July Danskin Sprint    16:40swim 43.29bike 22.42run
Sept Women's Sprint 18:44swim 37:52bike(only 10m) 28:01run

July Danskin Sprint    12:11swim 43:38bike 23:08run

Aug Cranberry Olympic  36:41swim 1hr31m bike 1:03run

Sept Women's Sprint   24:50swim 41:36bike 31:55run

So my swim was pretty awful this past Sunday but honestly it didn't feel as slow as the time reflects. I haven't changed anything and my training was great. Oh well...

My bike continues to be consistent and actually has become my favorite part of the tri race as well as my training. I love my bike. I feel like the little pig in that insurance commercial when I am riding down hills :)

I am nursing a psoas injury on my right leg so my running is almost nonexistent so I am fine with the running time on Sunday, especially since the run was on trails that were sandy and wet.

This race is highly recommended; it was well organized and so much fun. The volunteers were very supportive and the water was clean and beautiful. Oh my the bike ride is fast and scenic. The run was hard but also beautiful.  

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