Saturday, September 01, 2012

I am tired...

On Thursday,  I woke up at the crack of dawn to head to the gym. I spy a strange mark on the floor of my kitchen, it is red and liquid. I am only half awake so I don't really know what is going on. I go to check on my kids and wake the oldest to help me. He starts to freak out that the liquid might be blood and goes upstairs to check on something, I am not exactly sure what he was checking. LOL. While he was running around, I wake up enough to know I need to be the grown up and figure this out. I apprehensively touch the fluid and quickly realize it is not blood, it was too thin and more brown than red. I realize it is probably a leak from our old pipes.It was 5am so I decide to go workout and plan my strategy upon returning home.

I find a nice plumber that says he will come over that morning. I head to work, it is only day 4 of school and I am brand new to this school, so I am very grateful my oldest son, Tommy,  is able to stay home and deal with the plumbers. I have no office at my new school, so all day I am hiding in the bathroom to get updates from Tommy.

The updates are NOT GOOD. The plumber starts with a 5" by 5" little square and has to keep cutting. Now we have a 6' by 2' hole and the plumber still can not find the bad pipe :( The cabinets have to come down to gain access to the pipes. So from the bathroom, I am coordinating and giving permission to plumbers and carpenters as well as hunting down insurance officials! Not easy!

Then at about 3pm, my sister and mother are blowing up my phone, but I have already spent way too long on my phone! So I call from my car in the parking lot at the end of our school day. My sister tells me my 92 year old grandma has passed away.

Too much for one day...

So after meeting with insurance adjusters, plumbers, carpenters, clean up guys, my three boys and I trek up to Boston for our gramma's wake and funeral. It was a beautiful service and wonderful celebration of her full life. My boys were her pallbearers and I was so proud of them.

Now I am back to kitchen has machines drying out the water damage, half my cabinets are gone, there is no water upstairs so that means no showers till Tuesday....

Oh and tomorrow I am moving Tommy to UMASS for his sophomore year...just one more thing

Thank goodness this is a long weekend, I am lying on my bed all day Monday...well after I grab a shower a some generous friend's house.

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