Saturday, January 02, 2010

2010 Goals

Well, we started 2010 we lots of snow and some running! Here I am with my sweet friend, Fran enjoying champagne after our 6 miler on New Year's Day.

I have had years where I want to run a race per month and years where I did not set any goals. It definitely helps me to wake up and get moving if I have a goal. My main goal this year is to stretch my psoas everyday and get my hip better as well as prepare for the olympic distance tri in August. I will have to research some other races earlier in the year to gear up for or else!

I have been working out at the gym about 5 days per week while running about 2 days as well. I feel good. I am not loving running lately and welcome the break from the daily grind of hitting the pavement. I am totally loving my shapely arms from lifting at the gym. Boo-rah!!!


Run for Chocolate said...

Wow that is a very close up photo! Ouch look at those wrinkles.

Juls said...

Happy and Healthy New Years to you! I am working on fitting more toning, strength and stretching into my year.