Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rail Trails

Today was the first day I ran since last Sunday since I am nursing my sore psoas. We ran on the rail trail, it was so nice. The trails are wide and cushy and very easy to manage. But best of all they are flat! I read that hills are hard on your psoas so I choose to keep it simple today. My hip was sore but I was able to stretch out the soreness. I think I might stick with rail trails for my long runs for Chicago.

Happy Running!


Wes said...

Rail trails are awesome. My 50 milers on the Silver Comet had 400 feet of elevation change. Gotta love it!!

TinaGirl said...

Sounds like a trail I would love too. Take care of you! Thanks for the post, have you seen my running blog

I think I'm going to do Chicago in 2010!