Sunday, March 01, 2009

Visit to the doctor

After the Philadelphia Marathon, my hip was sore so I decided to take a nice break from a distances longer than 5 miles to help rest my aching body. My hip felt much better. I was very psyched. Well about three weeks ago I decided to run 6.5 miles and the same awful pain showed up in the hip area. I really want to run the Chicago Marathon so I decided I to visit the doctor. Good news: no arthritis just need to strengthen and stretch my hip area! WooHoo!


Legs and Wings said...

Well, that's good news eh? My hips bug me from time to time but it usually works itself out.

Wes said...

always the hips with us runners :-) Take good care of it!!

David said...

Last time I saw you you were getting a massage in New London. That's what makes my hips better.