Thursday, October 30, 2008

Still slow

I am home today with a sick son. I have boxes in the garage still needing unpacking and I am hosting a Halloween pre-trick or treat dinner so I have plenty to do while my little guy moans in my bed eating crackers, popsicles and drinking ginger ale.

I am still feeling sluggish with my running but I am not fretting. I know if I continue to do what I am doing; resting, only running every other day and usually only about 4 miles, eating well ( actually I have inhaled about 4 dollars worth of Halloween candy since Tuesday so I am not really eating well;-) I should be fine.

Good news is my left hip is completely better. Rest and running in moderation, oh yeah and also stretching really do work!!

My new position at school is kicking my ass, I think that explains a lot of my sluggish running. I spend so much energy trying to get those wild little kids to be civil that I have very little energy left over. I have decided to apply to a reading teacher certification program that would start this summer. I have to do something. I know I don't have the stamina to teach preschoolers for the rest of my career.

On the other hand, I am learning a lot in my new job, I am working as a Head Start teacher this year rather than a Preschool Teacher. The only difference is that Head Start is based on your income. The family has to be living at or below 30% above the federal poverty guidelines. There are a lot of factors that effect children associated with poverty. More later on that, I have to go buy my sicko some more ginger ale!


Legs and Wings said...

Every step forward is progress right? Speed takes care of itself. One day you'll wake up and be fast. You'll wonder, "how did that happen"?

Happy Halloween.

Brad Braden said...

they have a ginger tea as well that is great with some honey. Hope he's feeling better.


robtherunner said...

I'll stick with middle school kids. You can take care of them when they're little :)