Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I am getting slower!

My running group has speed workouts every Tuesday nights. There is a smart man that coaches us and computes what pace and distance we should each strive for every week. After looking at the four weeks we have been training, it appears I am getting...slower! Yikes! I have asked the smart man to explain why perhaps this would be happening but I think it might have to do with that I am EXHAUSTED!

I need a break.


Brad Braden said...

I use to see how fast I could run the mile once a week. I logged the times in Excel and when put to a graph I would always drop in time for two weeks and then get a new PR but then the next two weeks were slower again..


Wes said...

That could be. Sometimes we get slower before we make great strides forward!

robtherunner said...

Being exhausted certainly won't help your speed. Keep working at it and I am sure you will pick up the pace again. It's great to have someone to figure out a plan for you.