Monday, July 07, 2008

Tales of an almost 5 year old

My new sweetheart has a little daughter that will be 5 years old in a week and unfortunately my three older and ruder boys are teaching her a few bad tricks.

The other day my oldest son told one of his beloved brothers to "shut up" in front of the little girl. And she told him, " You shouldn't use words like that, you don't want to teach me stuff like that, do you?"


Wes said...

Poor little thing is probably going to be ruined for life ;-) ROFL!!!

Kevin said...

LOL!!It sounds like she is a smart little girl.

Juls said...


I'll be the weird one and write my comment out....opps...I forgot what I was going to say.

Rice said...

years ago my son said to his mom "daddy is funny"
"what does daddy do that's funny" mom asks. "daddy does bad example"..

Every time I would do something "funny" his mom would turn and say "thats a bad example dad"..