Monday, April 14, 2008

Swimming Again!

I finally got in the pool again today after a hiatus of about 6 months. It felt so good let me tell you. I was soooooooo slow though, wow. I used this leg float that you hold between your legs so you just use your arms and I think I went faster!! I must be doing something wrong, huh? I think I am going to join the club for 3 months so I can continue the swimming before the open water is warm enough.

It felt so good on my legs to be in the water after my long trail run yesterday. We went the top half of the marathon route again. The last time we ran the 14 mile loop it took me four hours, this time it only took me 3:28!! I am making progress, it is slow but still I am making it. I asked my training women if they would like to get on the trails for a mid-week run as well and we are going on Wed. am. I think adding a little more trail time is crucial if I am going to finish this marathon before the 8 hour time limit!!!

I will post some after pics of my house, it looks so great. I can't believe I waited so long to take care of it!

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Wes said...

When I use the pull buoy, it keeps my big butt from dragging, so I go faster :-) The more of your body you keep out of the water, the faster you go. Simple enough. Since you chicas have extra ballast up front, you need to press your chest in the water to keep your hips up high.

Awesome job on the trail run, and yes, pics please :-)