Monday, April 28, 2008

21 miles in the bank, baby

My girlfriends and I ran 21 miles on trails on Sunday to prepare for our upcoming trail marathon. It took us 5 hours and 18 minutes. It was hard but very rewarding. I can hardly move today though!!!

My new beau met us at mile 13 with more fluids for our fuel belt and food. That food tasted so good. Then that little sweetheart met us at mile 18 with more fluids, food and IBUBROFEN!! I was so touched that he would give up his morning to follow us around.

I put my house on the market on Tuesday and took an offer on Friday!!! WOOHOO!!! The closing is scheduled for May 23rd! Yikes! I am psyched and nervous, mostly thrilled!!!


Wes said...

Wow! That's an incredibly fast turn around on your house! Congrats on that and the stellar run!!!

jkrunning said...

That's awesome! We sold our house that quickly and it was such a blessing to not have to stress about it for months on end. Especially in this market.