Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What a Blast!

Last week's long trail run was a rainy, sleety friggin blast. We had so much fun and got pretty punchy by the end. I learned I need to eat more before running and bring food for when I am finished in the car. I learned that I fall a lot more when I am tired. I swear my legs felt like rubber those last three miles or so.

It is amazing how little modesty one has after running for three hours in soaking wet clothes. I just got back to the car (my friend's totally hot red mini cooper) and proceeded to strip. I didn't even check to see if anyone was around, I just had to get the f-ing out of those clothes.

We then proceeded to pick up some coffee to warm up and I got a egg sandwich that went down so easy, it was great.

The best surprise of all though was that when I got home, my youngest son and my new beau were making our family a delicious breakfast of chocolate covered strawberries, pancakes and sausages and scrambled eggs!!!! It was awesome, totally.

This week the women and I are running on Good Friday, same route, same time. Hopfully no rain or sleet this time. I will try to bring my camera to post a photo of our dirty selves next week.


Wes said...

Yea, I got naked at a triahtlon once in the car parking lot. LOL!! Anyone wants to check out my mini butt, its OK with me! LOL!!!

You sound happy... That's real good.

Juls said...

YUMMY. I LOVE Chocolate Covered Strawberries. It sounds like a great day.