Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Today we are finally having a winter storm. It is not the cool kind of storm though, where the trees and yard look pretty and white and you can build snow forts and have snowball fights or make snow angels or snow people. No it is a snow that hurts called sleet and freezing rain. That did not stop my wild boys from sledding down our driveway that is a sheet of ice!

Been running some, swimming some, today I plan on using my bike with the trainer in the garage. Got the Colchester half marathon in a week, can't wait! Going away with my sexy husband for our anniversary this weekend! He asked what I wanted to do this weekend when we went away, I told him two things: hiking and f#$king! He is one lucky man!


Wes said...

Well, I'm sure he'll be happy with 50% of that, just in case the hiking falls through ;-)

Triteacher said...

You are too funny! Enjoy! :)

Juls said...

Happy Anniversary.

Kurt said...

I just ran across your blog entry on TriSara's page. I love your blog name. Run for Chocolate is so cool!

Have a great anniversary!

rice said...

enough to make you glad your not a mail man eh..



robtherunner said...

Lucky man indeed!