Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It's A Family Affair

this is a temporary blogger for the vacationing beth (im her son)
i have recently starting running with my mother and what a great mother she is we run trails and streets so its fun (i always have to cirle around for her but itss some good mother son time you know) well today on our run we ran some trail and road it was a bout 4 miles the trail was the Pigeon Swamp Reserve and it was quite fun but while we were on the road we say 2 stray duck or whatefer they were well one was in attack possition and it was running toward us mostly toward me and my mother with her motherly instincts takes out the mace and well we'll say this that poor duck was crying and he honked very loud in ANGER!!!! me and my mom have been running somewhat a lot together only about 2 times to tell the truth but its only the start i am really good at trails so all the saturday people i think i maybe joining you sometime well when im not asleep i hope you enjoyed the story as much as i had fun making it happen

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Run for Chocolate said...

Yikes what happen to punctuation marks and capitals. He really does know about editing but he feels blogging is not edit-worthy. I'll tell my side of the attack in a later blog! Beth