Friday, June 27, 2008

Update from the gypsy

I sold my house in less than a month and of course I did not find a house that quickly. sooooo my three kids and I have been tramping around mooching off of very good friends since May 22!!!! It has actually been fun! We stayed with one very generous couple for the first five weeks of tramping until school let out. Then we moved about 30 miles to a cottage that my mom and step dad own on a lake. But we have hardly stayed there since we have been beaching it! We stayed at the beach for three days and I am going back tomorrow night for another over night! Yippee for me!

My running and training are going well. Nothing much to note. I am taking it easy, giving myself a month to relax and not race after running the nipmuck trail marathon on June 1st. Yikes my four weeks are up on Sunday!

My triathlon is on July 27th. I am totally getting amped for it. I have been riding my bike and did some swimming in the ocean. Not so much swimming in the lake though. I can see the bottom of the ocean and know what is following me, but in the lake it is so dark and so many things are touching my legs as I swim by it freaks me out!!!

I will be moving to a new home hopefully before August 1st. It will be weird to have my own home again after tramping for three months. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed again though.

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Wes said...

So many people would give up a body part to sell their home that quick! Good for you!!!

Keep your legs up on the surface where they belong :-) Then the lake monster will leave you alone!!

Good luck with the new homestead!!!!