Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A little ranting

I have been annoyed by two males in the past two days. The first male was a gas station attendant and when we finished our transaction I said thank you and I was trained that when you are receiving business, you should thank the customer for the business. He replied with "yup". What the hell.

The next bozo was the guy that works at the desk at the gym. I told him to have a nice day when I was leaving and his reply was "sure thing". Hey how about a little "you too"

Now that I have re-read my complaints I feel rather silly for feeling annoyed but I won't bother deleting the post because it is pretty funny. is the website to check out my soon to be sold house. Type in 122 Wadsworth Lane, Willimantic, Ct 06226 once you get there. I hope it works I am so bad at this stuff.


Wes said...

Live by your principles, and don't let what other people do change that :-) You rock!!

Kevin said...

Its sad how thse days some people dont have any manners these days