Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Graduations, Car buying and Training

My oldest son graduated eighth grade on Monday. It was intense. I really miss his dad when we hit these milestones. He would have been so proud of him. There is nobody on earth that really gets how great your kid is except the other parent and his dad and I really loved these kids. I guess every big event has that sad undertone because his dad isn't there to celebrate with us.

I am still buying a car and it sucks. I just hate it.

My training is going GREAT! I love swimming, biking and running!


Rsqboss said...

Not sure how or why I came across your blog, but wanted to say hello since I am also in CT. (FATE? LOL)38 y/o male from Milford area. Starting to create my own blog, email me if you wish at

Juls said...

Okay, I'll leave the above comment alone and just say that I feel for you. While finishing the first year of high school or moving on the 4th grade aren't quite the same milestones...I can identify with you on a different level. I guess it is anticipation.