Sunday, November 06, 2005

Help me, I am blogger-challenged!!

Hello everyone! I need some technical assistance with my blog. I want to know how to link other sites in my blog entry. I tried the "insert link" icon, but I want to just show the blogger's name, not the whole text. Also, I want to add a list of blogs I visit often on the side of my blog. I don't know how to do that either. I think you must use the same method to list my personal bests as well. So if any of you kind bloggers would tell me how to complete these tasks, I would be ever appreciative!

Onto today's race, oh my goodness, I felt HORRIBLE! I just could not run fast. I tried, believe me!, but my body just said NO! My time was 25:48 for a very fast course. I have run worse races, but I have never felt so bad. It is a very flat course with not a whole lot to look at. It is also an out and back so you know how much you have left to complete. I usually like all of these features in a race!! Well another factor for me was the start time. I usually run at 5:30am so even the 8:00 starts are an adjustment for me. This race started at 1:00pm. I had not paid attention to my food intake and I drank too much coffee before the start and not enough water. Well, you are never to old to learn from your mistakes and I will try to fit in a little more speed work to my running schedule. I guess any type of speed work would be helpful!

My next race is a 5K named the Santa's Run in Glastonbury, CT on Dec. 4th. I like these types of races because there is no pressure to place and all the option of having fun. There are about 1200 participants and there is a costume competetion. I plan on trying place in the costume competetion, not the running race!! We received our team running singlets today for our local running club. I have to figure out a way to work my new shirt into my costume! It's hard to believe it is almost Christmas! Yikes!


Behjat said...

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CJ said...

Hi! If you send me an email I can give you instructions, if you don't hear from anyone else.

As for the time of your race - I'm totally with you on that. i much prefer to run in the morning and sometimes I have real problems with running in the afternoon.